Water Solutions for Central America in the name of Christ

We travel to remote areas of Central America and offer water solutions and training. We utilize a hand drill method for water well drilling down to 100 ft. If drilling is not an option, we can look at other ways to supply clean drinking water in the name of Christ. As the well is being drilled, we donate reading glasses to the needy in the surrounding village. We also spread the word of Jesus to the surrounding area.

Holy Water Group is a 501(c)3 water well drilling and eyeglass/vision ministry that is based in South Carolina. Since 2004, our goal is to assist other ministries with clean water issues in remote regions of Central America. We assist by training well drilling or rain water collection, filtration on location in Central America. We use methods that will allow the locals to repair the well with materials that are readily available in their area. The drill we utilize is hand powered and will reach depths of 100 feet. The drill has been used with success numerous times in Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica. The drill is portable and can be used to reach areas that machine drill cannot.

Geographical areas covered for well water drilling by hand, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

What we do....

Water well drilling ministry, rainwater harvesting and filtration, reading glasses, Jesus film, photography and massage therapy.

Tony de Lorenzi,
Executive Director,
www.holywatergroup.com www.delorenziphotography.com